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The company Metec sp. z o.o. has been on the market since 2008. Its headquarters is located in Kochcice in the Silesian Voivodeship. The location in southern Poland, near the Upper Silesian metropolitan area has an advantageous impact on the delivery time of our products.

Since the beginning of our activity our speciality has been the Automotive sector. We manufacture protective mats, which are used to resist thermal radiation. These heat resistant mats are applied in engine compartments and near the exhaust systems. Nevertheless, we are constanly evolving in order to meet market needs. This is why we are expanding the range our products.
Our company provides services in the field of cutting pruducts by vertical knife, sewing on modern machines, attaching press fasteners, stamping by pad printing machines and transport.
Qualified and experienced employees work in all departments, Therefore, at every production stage the crafted article is examined for ist quality and fulfillment of customer expectations.


Our company’s mission is to fulfill the qualitative, temporal and esthetic, demands of our clients. We make every effort in order for our clients to achieve full satisfaction based on the results of the tasks that were given to us. Every each step of the order fulfillment process is accompanied by a meticulous attention to detail. This allows us to provide services on the highest level.

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We undertake any kind of order, and are open for new challenges.